A Note From Dr. Ari Bernstein

Hello all,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. As we approach the middle of summer I know many of you may be taking road trips or other vacations close to home to enjoy the season while continuing to socially distance. I also know you may be feeling some pandemic fatigue.

This month I want to share my latest blog posts for The Success Network, which include tips on how to stay healthy if you travel this summer; some of the benefits of Telehealth, and how to heal from Childhood Trauma.

I’ve also included an article from Brian Tracy on Lessons in Entrepreneurship along with a video from Jack Canfield on why you should surround yourself with successful mentors– something I very much agree with.

Thank you for your support!

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Ari Bernstein, MD

Tips to Stay Healthy If You Decide to Travel this Summer

By Dr. Ari Bernstein As coronavirus restrictions have begun to ease across the country, many people are venturing back out and attempting to salvage their summer vacation plans. While your...

How Telehealth Can Help the Doctor-Patient Relationship

By Dr. Ari Bernstein In recent decades, telehealth has expanded gradually. For years, medical providers expected to see a rapid expansion in the field of telehealth. But, until the pandemic,...

How the Pandemic Has Forever Changed Telehealth . . . for the Better

By Dr. Ari Bernstein Without a doubt, COVID-19 has changed the healthcare field forever. As a doctor myself, I know that medical professionals have had to scramble to cope with the...

How to Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse Through Treatment for Trauma/PTSD

By Dr. Ari Bernstein According to the American Psychiatric Association, childhood sexual abuse breaks the delicate balance of responsibility, trust, and power in children’s relationships. Abuse happens in gradients, and its...

The Importance Of Having Mentors

Jack Canfield shares why it's so important to surround yourself with successful people and mentors.

Lessons In Entrepreneurship

By Brian Tracy ** Brian Tracy gave a keynote address to the Ambassadors and Council members of the National Association of Experts Writers and Speakers, during The Forum, at the...