By Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

During the last year, mental illness rates have skyrocketed. Millions of Americans are struggling with new or worsening symptoms. Given the global situation, this news comes as no surprise. Many of my patients have had a tough time staying positive during the current crisis. But cultivating an optimistic mindset is more vital than ever. Optimism closely ties to health, longevity, and disease-resistance.

The research is clear: a positive attitude extends our lifespans. One study revealed a 15% difference between optimists’ and pessimists’ longevity. Researchers believe that optimistic people might make healthier life choices. Positive thinking could change your body on a cellular level, too. The right mindset truly extends your youth and protects your health. Read on to learn more.

The Power of Positivity

My patients often underestimate the power of their own minds. But our brains are powerful organs. They can influence every physical process, including aging. Unfortunately, unhealthy thought patterns can undermine our health. Patients with clinical depression may suffer from chronic pain, gut issues, and much more. Negative thinkers are also more likely to develop dementiaheart disease, and stroke. Over time, negative thinking translates into a shorter lifespan. Patients may also experience a drastically lower quality of life.

The Feedback Loop

Fortunately, positive thinking can turn back the clock. Optimists are more likely to enjoy good general health. They’re more apt to stay active, socialize, and travel. In simple terms: positive thinkers live a longer, much happier life.

People who think positively often make better choices. To begin, they’re less likely to smoke and drink. They fill their plates with nutritious foods, and they get more exercise. Positive thinkers have a wider social circle, too. They often volunteer, travel, and visit with family. As a result, they tend to feel better about their lives.

But negative thinkers can become trapped in a self-destructive cycle. These patients tend to believe that health optimization is impossible. They may feel that they’re “doomed” to poor health and a shortened lifespan. As a result, they self-sabotage. Negative thinkers are more likely to drink and smoke heavily. They often choose unhealthy foods and live a sedentary lifestyle. Social isolation is another sign. Each day, these patients make choices that undermine their longevity.

Breaking the Cycle

Many of my patients believe that optimism and pessimism are inborn traits. Some people indeed struggle to think positively. But shifting your mindset is possible. Often, patients can cultivate an optimistic attitude through a few simple changes.

My patients sometimes try to fix their negative thought patterns first. They believe that they need an optimistic mindset to make healthy life choices. In fact, making healthy choices boosts your mood and increases positive thinking. Patients can begin by improving their diet and getting more exercise. Spending time with loved ones can help, too. These practices help you feel more positive about your life. It becomes easier to cultivate a positive mindset and make other healthy changes.

Introducing Gladden Longevity

The Gladden Longevity program is designed to optimize patients’ health. First, we examine your genetic makeup and physical composition. Next, we take a close look at your lifestyle and health goals. My team builds a personalized treatment plan that boosts your strengths. Your treatment program also minimizes your unique genetic health risks. With Gladden Longevity, you improve your physical health and cultivate a positive mindset. My team explores techniques to build up an optimistic mindset.

You might have negative expectations about the aging process. Many of my patients believe that they’re destined to become sick and feeble. They often assume that a lower quality of life is inevitable with advanced age. The Gladden Longevity program challenges those beliefs. We present our patients with an alternate blueprint for aging. Gladden Longevity makes it possible to grow older while remaining healthy and energetic.