Co-Authors Of ‘Celebrity Branding You’ And Founders of ‘America’s PremierExperts™’ Tap Into New Model Of Celeb-Driven Media To Make Business People ‘Stars’ And Drive Mass Awareness Of Products And Services  

Orlando, Fla. – March 26, 2009 – Every summer, thousands of people brave the odds in hopes of becoming the next American Idol. The show, watched by over 30 million a week, taps into our collective fantasy that is truly the 2000s version of the American Dream: that ordinary people can outlast the competition and become stars. 

            You may not be able to sing like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood, but no worries. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, dentist, fitness guru, photographer, real estate or financial whiz, CEO or a small businessperson and you’ve got the goods, you’re one step away from being a business celebrity thanks to The New Kings of Hollywood, J.W. Dicks and Nick Nanton. 

            Florida based attorneys by trade, Dicks and Nanton, principals in Dicks, Nanton & Glass Celebrity Branding Agency™, co-authors of the bestselling book Celebrity Branding YOU™ and co-producers of the TV enterprise America’s PremierExperts™, are dedicated to developing the Celebrity Branding® potential of their clients. 

            Tapping into the distinctly 2000s era zeitgeist—maybe it all started with “Survivor” in 2000–that embraces the notion that regular Joes can become media icons, the duo creates “niche busters, not blockbusters.” They accomplish this by discovering what’s unique about their clients and prepping them to become celebrity experts in their niche. 

            Breaking fertile new ground in the realm of global minded business development, Dicks and Nanton meld traditional outlets of print and television with the burgeoning world of online social media to create momentum, generate buzz and drive attention to their clients. 

            The next step for these clients is taking their newfound exposure to grow celebrity status and applying it to the ever-growing network of online outlets that are now launching celebrities of all types. 

            “The secret formula is taking the credits we help them get in mass media and inserting them into targeted media,” says Nanton, “which puts the business celebrity in front of consumers who are hungry for what they offer and turns them from ‘unwelcome pest’ to ‘welcome guest’ in the eyes of their prospects.” 

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