Born in Atlanta, Georgia the self-made entrepreneur boasts nearly 20 years of experience in the corporate insurance and financial services industries. Starting his career in 1999, he took a position in the back office of a broker dealer firm and excelled. During his time there, he took and passed the General Securities Representative Exam (Series 7), enabling him to obtain his brokers license. After gaining that credential, he went on to work for two larger firms, focused on asset management and insurance benefits. The skills and expertise gained from those firms allowed him to climb the corporate ladder, earning a promotion as the Public Sector Manager for the State of Georgia and various sales and production awards.

Inspired by Richard Branson’s billion-dollar entrepreneurial portfolio, in 2003, Felipe stepped out on his own and opened the doors of GAB International, LLC—an insurance, employee benefits, retirement benefits and payroll provider. In the competitive employer benefits industry, Barganier is one of the only African-American founders of a successful benefits brokerage firm. In addition to providing a superior product, the company’s mission focuses highly on the business consumer experience.

Since becoming an entrepreneur, he has been recognized by multiple organizations and has received public honors including the 2016 Georgia Minority Business Insurance Industry Of The Year award and the 2017 Benefits Pro Broker Of The Year finalist (top 5). Since inception, the firm has held a prominent presence in its homestate, nationally and as of 2018, globally.

In 2017, he was featured on the cover of Benefits Pro magazine and was deemed part of the industry’s “winners circle.” Also in 2017, he co-authored the bestselling book, “Breaking Through The Status Quo”—a compilation of industry best practices and influential advice to guide business owners toward saving revenue and paying less for quality benefits. The book was well received and impressive sales led to further credibility of the GAB International brand.

Those successes sparked global business travel for the serial entrepreneur as he mapped out the blueprint for international expansion of the firm, its product offerings and client base. Additionally, he joined the ranks of elite thought leaders and employee benefits advisors in the country, through the NextGen Benefits Mastermind Partnership group. With the surge in personal brand momentum growing, the demand for Felipe to serve on panels and join motivational speaking stages increased. Because of his dedication to educating others, Barganier keeps his community footing secure with memberships at 100 Black Men of America, The Commerce Club, Atlanta Businesss League Economic Committee and various volunteer organizations. Plans for a full tour are set for 2019—to inspire young entrepreneurs.

A family man at heart, the father of three enjoys fatherhood more than any other position in his life. His two sons and daughter are the nucleus of his motivation and the root of his desire to form a strong legacy. Seeing his children as future leaders, he leads by positive example and spends quality time pouring into their individual interests.

When he is not spending time with family or focused on business matters, you can find him volunteering, cooking, front row at a boxing match or working on his next book. He is also a certified NLP Coach.



The Business Of Your Mind – Episode 15

Wealth can be measured in many different ways, but this episode of the Business of Your Mind is about MONEY. It is not just important to gain wealth, you also need to learn to keep it! Your mind will obey your mindset, train yourself to keep a positive outlook on your finances and the growth will follow. If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right… Visit


The Business Of Your Mind – Episode 14 (Feat. Dr. Brandye Wilson-Manigat)

Renowned Doctor, Pleasure Coach, and Author Dr. Brandye joins Felipe to have a very open discussion about sex and how it could and should be used for more than reproduction.
Both men and women should harness their sexual energy for pleasure and to help manifest positive changes in their attitude and life.
If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right…


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 13 (Feat: Phil Reynolds)

The Business of Your Mind’s lucky 13th episode! For this episode Felipe is joined Mind-Body Mentor Phil Reynolds. Listen in as they discuss the effects your #physicalhealth and #mentalhealth have on each another and the importance of staying on top of both in order to be your best self. Your Body, Mind, and Spirit all work better when they all work together. Make sure you take the time to work out every part of yourself in order to #MaximizeYourLife. If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right… Visit


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 12

For the first Business of Your Mind episode of 2021, Felipe discusses different techniques that can help you operate at #peakperformance. It’s important to keep your mind in a positive place in order to become the best version of yourself. Be sure to take time out of each day for yourself, and take time to listen and learn from others. This can help you channel the #Champion Spirit that will propel you towards accomplishing your goals. If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right… Visit


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 11

This week be sure to join Felipe as he talks about using the emotions from grief to help manifest the things you want out of life. Everyone deals with loss in their own way. There is an #energy inside all of us during the grieving process, but finding a way to take that energy and focus it towards achieving your goals can be a major part of healing. If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right… Visit


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 10 (Feat: Che Brown)

This week Felipe and “the Happy Entrepreneur” Che Brown bring the energy and discuss the best ways to Develop a Champion Mindset. They discuss the journey of entrepreneurship and having the strength to keep going no matter what’s in the way of your goals. Success is a team sport, so do your best to surround yourself with other top flight players that share your Championship Mindset. If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right… Visit


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 9 (Feat: Mani Saint Victor, MD)

The Business of Your Mind is back and has evolved. In this episode, Dr. Mani Saint-Victor returns to discuss Mental Evolution with Felipe.
Your Mental Evolution is happening anyway, so don't slow it down with negativity or distractions. Learn to help yourself evolve internally, that in turn will help you evolve externally.
If you want to get your business right, you got to get your mind right…


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 8

In the eighth installment of The Business of Your Mind, Felipe tackles the sensitive issue of anxiety and the many forms it comes in. Anxiety is always present and it can be relentless. Today, there are countless factors that are generating anxiety for people, including the recent presidential election, the COVID-19 global pandemic, economic downturn, and much more! To help you, Felipe dives into his personal experiences with anxiety and provides strategies to overcome these crippling feelings. Want to check out more insightful and intriguing content from Felipe? Check out his page:


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 7 (Feat: Rodney Jackson)

In this week's episode, Felipe welcomes on Rodney Jackson, a thought leader, business partner, change agent, educator and coach, to discuss the strategic value of the "end game." Having an end game can make or break certain personal and professional decisions throughout your life. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that Rodney and Felipe bring to your living room. Learn more at:


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 6 (Feat: Andy Neary)

In this week's episode, Felipe welcomes on former MLB pitcher, keynote speaker, and performance coach Andy Neary to discuss habits that lead to a more successful life! In this remarkable episode, Andy shares stories from his wealth of experience in baseball, business, and completing two Ironman Triathlons! Sit back, relax, and allow Andy and Felipe to share tips on how to achieve your maximum performance in life! Learn more at:


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 5

In this week's episode, Felipe dives into the power of relationships. We all encounter an array of people throughout our lives. Some relationships are positive, while others can be negative. Felipe sheds light on how to differentiate between the two, as well as provide insight on how you can achieve more in life with the right people around you. Learn more at:


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 4 (Feat: Dr. C.W. Copeland)

The Business of Your Mind is back to provide another dose of necessary knowledge! In this week's edition, Felipe welcomes on Dr. C.W. Copeland, a financial advisor, to discuss finances during these uncertain times. We have to make smart decisions with our money in order to secure our futures. In order to get your mind right, you need to make sure your money is right! Learn more at:


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 3 (Feat: Dr. Mani Saint-Victor)

In his third episode, Felipe welcomes renown physician-hypnotist, Dr. Mani Saint-Victor to The Business of Your Mind. Together, they highlight the difficult nature surrounding toxic relationships and how they can impact you. Sometimes we never know we are in a toxic relationship until it's too late. Allow Felipe and Dr. Mani to shed some light on how you can identify them and remove them from your life respectfully. Learn more at:


The Business of Your Mind – Episode 2

In his second episode, Felipe dives into three separate tragedies he suffered in 2018 and how they propelled him to turn his life in a new direction. During the height of his career, he was struck with a massive loss of income, the loss of a spouse, and the loss of his mother. He faced rock bottom but sought help from friends, family, and ultimately the universe itself. He knew that before he could move beyond these tragedies, he had to address his own mind. Learn more at:


The Business Of Your Mind Episode 1

Felipe Barganier brings nearly 20 years of knowledge from the insurance and financial service industries to The Success Network. As the CEO of GAB International, LLC, an insurance, employee benefits, retirement benefits and payroll provider, he is one of the only African-American founders of successful benefits brokerage firms. His work extends globally through GAB International, as well as his bestselling book "Breaking Through The Status Quo" - a compilation of industry best practices and influential advice to guide business owners. In his inaugural podcast, Felipe provides a 10,000ft view of his life, including the trials and tribulations faced within the corporate insurance and financial service industries, as well as the personal tragedies that forced him to look inward. Before you can change your life on the outside, Felipe encourages all to focus on The Business of Your Mind. Learn more at: