Pepper DeVaughn is a personal injury lawyer with a passion for people. Pepper’s Grandmother told him when he was a little kid, “everyone has a story.” Those four words stuck with Pepper and became the central theme of the way he lives his life. Pepper is now sharing the stories of Oklahoman’s through his podcast, “Pepper’s Podcast.”

Pepper is the person who wants to know how everything works, and why things are done the way they are. He loves restaurants and 99% of the time will end up in the kitchen asking who is who and what they do and how they make the magic happen. That is what makes Pepper’s podcasts unique; they bring his audience ‘into the kitchen’, and they pull back the curtain on the people who make up the Great State of Oklahoma. He’ll be happy to introduce you to Oklahomanians from all walks of life.



Pepper’s Podcast – Episode 3 (Feat: Morgan Hartman)

In the third installment of Pepper's Podcast, Pepper is joined by a local music star in the Oklahoma City music scene. Morgan Hartman, lead singer of LCG & The X, a predominately female lo-fi rock band, joins Pepper DeVaughn to discuss an array of topics. First and foremost, Morgan shares her passion for music and advice for other young, aspiring musicians looking to cultivate a career in her field. Additionally, Morgan shares her personal and professional journey to becoming the lead singer of the popular rock group. But aside from playing shows and cultivating records, Morgan has also needed to pivot and focus on other ways to grow her career amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation from one of Oklahoma's finest musicians!


Pepper’s Podcast – Episode 2 (Feat: Brandon Baird)

In the second installment of Pepper's Podcast, we're joined by a childhood friend from Enid, Oklahoma, Brandon Baird. While growing up together, Pepper and Brandon played baseball together and forged a long-lasting relationship. Despite Pepper eventually veering away from the game, Brandon stuck with baseball. In fact, not only did Brandon find tremendous success at the high school and collegiate levels, he was actually drafted by the Kansas City Royals organization. Through heartfelt and insightful conversation, Brandon and Pepper explore how athletics provide countless opportunities to learn valuable life lessons. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a great conversation about goal setting, perseverance, and the importance of proper preparation.


Pepper’s Podcast – Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of Pepper's Podcast, we learn more about our star of the show, Pepper DeVaughn. As a personal injury lawyer and partner of an Oklahoma City-based law firm, Pepper understands the value behind community. Through his practice, as well as other personal efforts in the greater Oklahoma City area, he has forged relationships with very enlightening and prominent individuals. It's these same individuals that he plans to bring to your doorstep. In our first episode, Pepper shares details on his upbringing in Oklahoma, his personal and professional experiences that led him to OKC, and most importantly, what he plans to accomplish with this show moving forward. Each month, Pepper's Podcast will feature a conversation with an Oklahoman who is striving to make their community a better place. So tune in and listen as Pepper shares his background and vision for the future of this exciting podcast.