I’m Richard James, the guy who takes small law firms from chaos to thriving; the guy who arms attorneys with the tools they need to run any kind of business.

I’m tired of seeing smart, talented attorneys like you live far beneath their potential with their law practice, but I understand why it’s happening. Running a law practice is brutally hard. No one helped you figure out how to run a thriving law practice.

You learned how to practice law in law school…not how to grow a business.

So how did I get into law consulting? A dare. Yes, I dared a friend that I could help him build a thriving, multi-million dollar practice. I knew that if I did, I’d be able to help attorneys around the country build thriving law practices, too.

Within 2.5 years, I took that law firm from $0 to $3.5 million in revenue.
It was then that I knew I had something that needed to be shared.

Now, years later, I’ve helped nearly 900 attorneys shift from running their practice on fumes to building sustainable, thriving, highly-successful and predictable practices that help them enjoy a better lifestyle and help more people than ever before. Why shouldn’t YOU be next?




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May 13 2021

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May 5 2021

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Building Referral Relationships for Your Law Firm

April 10 2021

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