“We help clients simply understand how to combine and leverage Tactical Skills and disciplines with Artificial Intelligence to create the Really Intelligent Information “RI2” to align with potential clients who naturally are attracted to do business with people of that are like-minded by nature and design!” 

Shallis is one of the Real Estate Industry’s leading “Subject Matter Experts”. Over the three decades of experience helping literally thousands of consumers buy, sell and or invest in residential and commercial properties throughout the United States and Canada. His intuitive “Boots on the Ground” market knowledge combined with years of formal educational, mentor-apprenticeships, advanced training in sales, marketing, statistical analysis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as well as; training with the US Army’s Elite Rangers.

Over the years, Shallis has learned to successfully combine the rigorous and relentless discipline of a small group of highly trained individuals to work collectively as a group to accomplish the progressive realization of a worthy goal or Ideal*.  *Understand this is not the typical mindset of the average real estate professional. Shallis’s team of experts have the attitude, approach and expectations of a highly trained and conditioned “Real Estate Strike Team.’ Shallis and the team would track their numbers, count the people, conversations, closes, engagements on marketing efforts both online and in person. They began to see a pattern, and the pattern ultimately became the Foundation of his Life…he calls his “10X Personal Success Formula”Now, Shallis and his team use the 10X PSF to adjust, monitor and control our Attitude, Approach, Expectations and even our Passion. We learned to Align ourselves with the people we were working so hard to serve…With Ri2 we can begin to learn about the people we serve, I mean really learn and care about their experience along the journey of us working together!

Shallis has been featured on hundreds of Podcasts, Facebook live interviews, Radio, Television, Subject Matter Experts in Courts of Law, WPIX for this series of studies and has also been interviewed by the The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, The Barron’s, Financial Times, The New York Times, Bloomberg Radio, Bloomberg International News Service, AOL.com, Real Deal Magazine, The Record and The Jersey Journal.



Sean Shallis Speaks

Sean Shallis speaks to the New Jersey Real Estate Club.


Sean Shallis Testimonial


Who is Sean Shallis?

Listen to John Alexandrov , Real Estate Industry Icon, Best Selling Author, Coach Mentor Public Speaker..talk specifically about: -Why Partner with Sean Shallis? John "Sean is a Visionary...He can See down the Field as 1-3-5-10 Years from Now...He is Authentic ..and most of all he is Honest!"


Real Estate Talk -TGIF – Episode 79 with Sean T Shallis


Sean Shallis and Michael Higdon “How to Do 10X Your Competition.. FOR FREE!”

Earn wonder what an Icon Agent does every day to be successful? How Successful? When considering the Average Full-time Realtor in the United State will Help less than 6 families and or Individuals Buy, Sell or Invest in Real Estate annually... Michael is on track to help SEVENTY-FIVE Families and Individuals with their real estate needs in 2020 ..BTW Michael is the only income producer on his team! Watch and Listen while Sean Shallis* interviews long time friend and colleague Michael Higdon on what is Michael's PSF (Personal Success Formula)?


Sean T Shallis Talks Real Estate, Mindset and Success

Sean Shallis, RI² Consultings, Lead Visionier specializes in helping People Find their Core Passion and Communicate to the people they serve.