Are you interested in Facebook advertising to generate unlimited qualified leads? That’s the question I was discussing on a call with a client recently.  You can imagine what the answer was…

Of course! But what I want to share with you is the rest of the call.  Many clients I speak with on a daily basis are always interested in more leads but, I’ve discovered that most are not ready for more leads.  Bringing in more leads will not help you if you do not have a process in place to handle the lead flow.  The process needs to be something that is scalable and easily repeated. Duplicate the success.

Get the leads, call the leads, make notes, follow up with the leads and close the leads. Pretty simple, right? It actually is if you think about the process as a 1,2,3 approach, I get the lead: step 1 and I close the lead: Step 5. You then need to identify all the steps in-between and memorialize that process.

Once the process is in place you need to look at the actual service or product you’re selling.  I often times see an uptick on customer objections that the client is not ready for, mainly as a result of the increase in leads.  If you bring in one lead a month, it may take you a year to hear all the objections to a product or service. When you ramp that up, say ten leads a month, you may hear the objections 10 times faster.

It’s ok to have objections during the sales process, but you want to try address any potential objections in your sales presentation before it’s brought up. As well you will also want to consider retention.  It will do you no good if you increase leads, increase the lead flow efficiency and the sales close percentage only to lose what you have coming in on the back end.

Be sure to review your communication process with all your new customers. Make sure they always know what you are doing for them, how you are doing it, and that you are there for them if they need it. Out of sight out of mind works both ways and typically leads to a customer going the other direction when all that was needed is better communication.

You should look at the above as a process; there are two sides to growing your business with more leads.  You have the new leads and you have the sales side where you close the leads. Don’t forget all the steps in between.  Be sure to have a plan and work the plan.  Take the time to put on paper what you are doing, what you want to do and how you want to do it.

When we take on new clients we discuss the very things I have addressed above. We can and do send leads to our customers and most often more leads than the customer was expecting.  Start thinking about the growth of your company and what you could do with more leads coming in.

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James Dicks

James Dicks has spent 25+ years building business through marketing practices and real-world application. A McGraw-Hill international best-selling author®, he has been seen on major affiliates around the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNBC. James’ specializes in “out-of-the-box” thinking to successfully integrate the latest technology with business sales and marketing goals. To improve your lead generation using Facebook Advertising connect with James via