Bright lights, red carpets, and the chance to honor a man whose life has been dedicated to helping others succeed. That is what occurred on Wednesday, February 22, 2017 at the premiere of the documentary Maximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy Story. Held at The Westin Gaslamp in San Diego, CA, those in attendance got to share dinner and drinks together before the film was revealed.

The premiere was the first opportunity that the producers, executive producers, Brian Tracy, his wife Barbara, and their children and grandchildren had to see movie. Many of them had cameos in the film where they were able to talk about Brian and the different roles he’s played in their lives. Including the clips that were shown of family and friends, the movie also contained old footage from seminars and speaking engagements Brian’s been involved with over the years as well as photos from throughout his life. According to those in attendance, Brian was emotional while having a front row seat watching the wonderful things that people expressed about him throughout the film, it was a humbling experience to realize how many lives he truly has influenced and inspired during his career.

After the movie ended Brian sat down with the director, Nick Nanton, to do a live interview and answer questions from him as well as members of the audience. It enabled those in attendance the unique opportunity to get any lingering questions they had about Brian’s life answered and to seek wisdom and ask advice directly from the legend himself. Following the interview attendees joined Brian Tracy on the red carpet to take photos and commemorate the incredible night. A delightful evening was had by all as a wonderful man was honored for his truly inspiring life and the wisdom, motivation, and will to succeed he bestowed upon those who were wise enough to heed his teachings.

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