By Dr. Ari Bernstein

Bob Proctor’s “The Science of Getting Rich” program is based on his experiences of being in debt and barely scraping by as a young man. Here are a few of the biggest takeaways I’ve found with Bob’s program that I think will help you, too, in your journey to success and getting rich.

You Can Have Everything You Want

Like many of us, as a young man, Bob believed that:

  • We must be extremely smart to be successful and rich.
  • We must have a fancy college education in order to become rich.
  • We must have lots of experience to reach the level of success that will make us rich.

But guess what? Bob realized that none of this is true. Bob’s conversations with his mentors and the inspiration he gained from reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich” and Wallace D. Wattle’s “The Science of Getting Rich” changed his mind. He realized that his preconceived notions of what he needed to become successful and rich were wrong!

Instead, each and every one of us already has the tools we need to become successful and smart. To achieve this level of greatness, we do not need experience or formal education to change us externally. Instead, we need to change ourselves from within to acknowledge that we have the right to be rich.

Indeed, There is a Science to Getting Rich

Just like there are laws in mathematics, there is a science that governs the process of getting rich. Once you understand these laws, you are certain to become rich. There is one great law, “Energy Is.” The amount of energy you expend will commensurately be rewarded. You need to stick with what works and walk away from what doesn’t work.

This great law works with seven subsidiary laws:

  1. Law of Attraction
  2. Law of Perpetual Transmutation
  3. Law of Relativity
  4. Law of Vibration
  5. Law of Polarity
  6. Law of Rhythm
  7. Law of Cause and Effect
  8. Law of Gender

You Need to Learn the Secret

Everyone talks about the secret, you know, the one that is hidden in Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” We become what we think about. This is the Law of Attraction. If all we think about is how we are ever going to get out of debt, we will never get out of debt. If we visualize where we want to be in life, the Law of Attraction will deliver what we need to achieve our goals. But for this to work, we need to do things in a certain way, no matter how hard it is; otherwise, we will struggle to be successful.

We Must Have Gratitude

There is a Law of Gratitude that we need to observe. When good things come to us, we need to be grateful. In doing so, there will be more good things coming our way at a faster pace. Having gratitude will keep you from falling into a rut by thinking that your riches are limited.

Don’t Let Your Habits Hold You Back

Our programming can hold us back from achieving success and riches. The problem is that those habits that have been ingrained in us by others and give us preconceived notions and prejudices. You need to overcome the habits that are holding you back and shift your paradigms to open yourself to new opportunities to continue moving forward. To do this, you must maintain a steadfast faith that you will attain what you seek, and then you will reap the rewards.