Patrick Jinks is a certified leadership and strategy coach, and President of The Jinks Perspective. He is the best-selling author of Strategic Fail: Why Nonprofit Strategic Planning Fails, and How to Fix It, and two additional best sellers with Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul author).

A member of the Forbes Coaches Council and regular contributor to, Patrick is an adjunct executive coach with Leadership Systems, Inc. and a teaching member of The Right Question Institute. He is a Certified Influencer Trainer through Vital Smarts — the people who brought us Crucial Conversations.

Patrick has been featured as a Game Changer® and a Master of Success® in the USA Today and Wall Street Journal, and has been featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX across the country for his unique impact on the world of leadership and strategy.  His speaking stages range from The Citadel to The United Nations.




The Leadership Convergence

April 15 2021

In our definition of leadership, three things converge: Vision, inspiration, and empowerment. I have covered each of those in previous posts. This post is about their coming together. I have...
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10 Ways to Empower Your Team Members

October 24 2020

Leadership is not about being the individual high performer anymore. It’s about getting the best out of others. When vision, inspiration, and empowerment converge to propel teams toward shared goals,...
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Inspire vs. Motivate

September 22 2020

Leaders don’t motivate. There. I said it. Got it out of the way early. Inspire wins. Why? Simple. Because motivation comes from within. We are driven by our own motivators....
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Everyday Vision

September 15 2020

Leaders cast vision. We all know that. Have a compelling vision, and people will follow, right? Mmmehh… Maybe. From the Jinks Perspective, vision happens every day, in the small moments....
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Unlocking the Leadership Window

September 6 2020

Let’s do a quick recap of the meaning of “The Leadership Window”: Leadership is like a combination lock. When vision, inspiration, and empowerment converge, the lock opens. VISION Perhaps a...
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