Tampa, FL – January 14, 2021 – Dr, Sophia Edwards-Bennett, Radiation Oncologist, International Speaker, Ambassador for Cancer Care, Education & Support Services, and Co-author of ‘Success’, recently signed a publishing deal to write the forthcoming book titled  “The Path to Soul Immunity”, with CelebrityPress® LLC.

In her new sole-authored book, Dr. EB unveils the blueprint to develop and build Soul Immunity, by employing life’s deposited bank of wealth of $oul Currency.  In her trademark style of intellect coupled with spirituality, intricately laced with inspirational prose, Dr. EB imparts revelations from the processing and assimilation of hidden, yet undisclosed experiences.

She meticulously mentors the reader, by employing her own experiences as examples, to guide the application of $oul Currency in their daily lives, to build and strengthen their Soul Immunity.

She provides insight, gleaned from the spiritual enlightenment from adversities and oppositions, to impart wisdom extracted from the maze of life’s unpredictable challenges.

When asked why she decided to share undisclosed experiences at this juncture in her life, her response was as follows:

“I believe that we are all connected, so the sage lessons learnt, and wisdom earned from my life experiences, are not meant to just selfishly edify me. So, whatever reticence I may harbor, I must align with His will, to fulfill my purpose.

In fact, I am convicted that these experiences were divinely ordained to entrust me with the gift of empathy, the courage and strength to endure odysseys, and the talent to communicate my revelations, to deposit deep into the soul of every reader: for the insecure, abandoned child,  the confused or uncertain adolescent, to the discouraged or unaffirmed adult; so that they will be equipped with the tools to assess, interpret, and apply all their experiences, to enrich their lives in ways that will propel them forward into a life of peace of mind, and prosperity.”

There is no gift more precious than a soul, so let Dr. EB’s wisdom wash over you, adorn and edify you,  so that you too may add to your bank of $oul Currency and rid your soul of any dis-ease , to create a happier more enlightened being, and a life of Soul Immunity.

The Path to Soul Immunity is tentatively scheduled for release in the Summer of 2021. It will be available for purchase on all major online book retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble’s BN.com, and BAM! (BooksAMillion.com) just to name a few.

For more information about the upcoming release visit www.CelebrityPressPublishing.com.

About Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett

Sophia Edwards-Bennett, MD, PhD is affectionately known to her patients as Dr. EB. Dr. EB is a Board-Certified Radiation Oncologist who gained her medical and oncology post-graduate education from Harvard’s Cancer Therapeutics and Research Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Cornell Medical College.

She has been a practicing oncologist for over a decade and, is not only passionate about cancer patients’ clinical care; but has excelled academically, authoring and co-authoring multiple peer-reviewed publications in the field of oncology and, as an invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences.

She has also been donned with many awards and accolades, including Best in Medicine 2019-2020, Who’s Who Professional of the Year, Lifetime Achievement Award, Top Doctor in Multiple States, Patient Choice Award, and Leading Physicians of the World, for her clinical contributions and prowess.

She developed and coined the Big-C RE-Attitudes, a novel algorithm to cancer patient care, described in her soon-to be released co-authored book, Success, with Jack Canfield, for which she was granted the Editor’s Choice Award.

To learn more about Dr. EB, please visit Dr. Sophia Edwards-Bennett – Success Network

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