Let’s turn back the clock 10-15 years. It was the era before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and everything else that consumes your life from the Smartphone in your hand.

All we had was the local paper, an upstart website called Myspace.com and the early days of email marketing.

This is the time that Greg Rollett sharpened his marketing teeth while performing fresh rhymes as a rapper in a rock band touring the country.

One Important Question

Okay, come back to 2017.

I recently sat down with Greg to reminisce about lessons learned in media, marketing and building a powerful brand. He started with a question from his music days that I found fascinating.

“If we only release an album once a year, what can we do to stay in front of our fans when we aren’t releasing music? What do we do the other 364 days a year?”

To answer it, he and his bandmates decided to share more than just their new tracks.

…Behind the scenes video clips before a show.

…Emails about their favorite local restaurants from tour stops.

…Anecdotes about holiday festivities.

Their fans loved it. They felt included, valued, and special. And when the time did come to release their next album, Greg’s fans were ready and willing to throw down their credit cards.

Two Vital Business Lessons

As a result, Greg discovered two business lessons that have enabled him and his clients to have success time and time again.

  1. You must talk to your prospects every day, whether you have something to sell or not.
    Everyone loves to buy things and spend money, but no one wants to be sold or feel like they are being sold to,” said Greg.
    If the only time you engage with your audience is to ask for something, you’re going to burn that audience out.
  2. In your target market’s eyes, you need to be everywhere. You need to be the undisputed leader.
    If you aren’t talking to your audience, someone else is. You need to know where your audience spends their time and get in front of them. Then you need to consistently provide value to them. Help them. Encourage them. Give them hope.

“When someone turns around in a 360 degree circle, whether that’s on their phone, in their office, or in your community, you want them to see you.” – Greg Rollett

In addition to his fast-talking lyrical skills, Greg outlined a formula for growing a raving fan base and turning it into sales long before he started consulting for top-level financial advisors, real estate agents, ThoughtLeaders® and other professionals.


4-Steps To World Domination

Greg has spent more than 10 years testing different ideas, strategies and theories when it comes to media and marketing. Learning from his business partners and mentors, Nick Nanton and JW Dicks, sped up his learning curve and opened up opportunities to see how living legends like Dan Kennedy, Brian Tracy and Jack Canfield run their businesses and connect with their audiences around the world. Through this research and real-life testing, Greg shared that everything he learned could be broken down into just four simple steps that any ThoughtLeader® can use in their own business.


Greg’s 4 Steps To Media Mastery

#1. Outline Your Signature Structure

When a new client comes to you in your business, he or she comes to you with a problem, a want or a need. Greg calls this Point A [see line graph below]. Your goal is to help them make a transformation to get rid of that pain and closer to their desired outcome. This is Point B.

Let’s say you are Joe Gleason, a Financial Advisor from Surprise, Arizona (one of Greg’s clients).

A new prospect comes in and confides that he’s not sure how he is going to make it through retirement. He wants to know the best plan to enjoy retired life with his family, after all the hard work he has put in to get here.

Because Joe has over 17 years of experience, he knows exactly what to do to help this client go from Point A to Point B. However, he also understands that his experience and knowledge of confusing financial lingo alone isn’t enough to get the job done and get his market to pay attention.

Instead, Joe shares his ThoughtLeader® Methodology for achieving his client’s goals while working together. It’s an easily digestible process understood by anyone and everyone regardless of their own financial literacy.

Your ThoughtLeader® Methodology should be clear, concise, and uniquely yours. It’s your philosophy and high-level action plan. For an example, check out Greg’s ThoughtLeader® Methodology, the “Ambitious Action Plan” here: http://ambitious-live.s3.amazonaws.com/ACTIONPlan-Infographic.pdf

Now it’s time to create your own Signature Structure. Just think about the steps it takes to get your prospects from A to B. Keep it simple and keep the prospect in mind.


#2 Create Multimedia Content In Batches

Most people have a hard time being creative on the spot. It’s why you probably aren’t churning out blog posts or new videos every day. That’s why batching — working in creative sessions once a month or every two weeks — and building out material that plugs into your ThoughtLeader® Methodology is the recipe for success.

Greg shared that he works with his film crew once a month to record eight content videos all at once. Those eight videos are then released twice a week over the next month.

When an idea matches his ThoughtLeader® Methodology, Greg jots it down and saves it in Evernote until the next creativity session, then he picks out the best eight for the next round of recordings. This way he is never staring at a blank page when it’s time to create more content.

Batching makes for better and more efficient content production. And starting with video content is doubly wise. Let’s look at why.

After the videos are shot, you can repurpose them for more content in different formats. For example, you can:

  • Strip the audio and run them as a podcast
  • Pull out great quotes and put them on quote cards for social media posts
  • Transcribe the videos and turn that content into blog posts or package as a book
  • Package the videos and transcripts to sell as a low-priced course
  • Create slides of the key points discussed and share on SlideShare

Just remember that one of the main goals of this content is to attract your ideal audience’s attention and bring them over to platforms you control, where a sale can happen.

When Greg posts his videos, he tries to get everyone who watches back to a landing page where they join his email list. All of his blog posts do the same, as well as his quote cards on social media. Everything he puts into the world brings people back to his platform. Ultimately, all your work and content needs to tie back into revenue.

It’s about creating a cool video to get your ideal prospect interested and engaged so they turn into a client.


#3 Use Online and Offline Media To Distribute Your Content and Become the King or Queen of Your Universe

Remember, you need to appear everywhere that your target market looks. To do this, you must be visible in different mediums – all the places your clients hang out and seek information.

Let’s look at Joe Gleason again. He started to create special reports every month around the topics in his ThoughtLeader® Methodology. To promote the reports, he started filming videos with timely themes.

In August, in honor of football season returning, Joe stood in front of the Arizona Cardinal’s stadium during his “Kickoff to Retirement” video and talked about things his clients would like to know.

And it was entertaining!

Joe became a persona, a personality, a media brand, and ultimately, other financial advisors can no longer compete with him. They aren’t visible and credible like he is.

The only real unique selling proposition we have is who we are.

There’s so much noise out there and people are overwhelmed with choice. So instead of only looking at facts and data, they revert to making their decision based on:

  • “Who’s story do I relate with?”
  • “Whose name is top of mind?”
  • “Who’s perceived as the leader of the pack?”

But luckily, we don’t have to impact 1,000,000 people to achieve our aim.

We don’t need to be Ryan Seacrest. We only need to be ‘Ryan Seacrest’ to the 1,000 people who can do business with us,” Greg explained. He added, “and we can affordably reach 1,000 people or even 10,000 people.”

Achieve omnipresence to those 1,000 people and they’ll think you are “King of the World” in that niche. They’ll instantly think of you when they need the service you offer.


#4 Make an impact in the lives of your customers and in your own life

If your goal really is to help other people achieve their goals, then it’s your responsibility to share your ThoughtLeader® Methodology, your great content, and your passion.

Now more than ever, people are looking for leaders. By clarifying your unique method and creating valuable videos, posts, emails, and even courses, you are able to achieve the two goals that Greg discovered in his “touring rapper for hire” days:

  1. Talk to your prospects more often than only when you want them to buy
  2. Be seen as the undisputed leader in your specialty

From this, you will not only get more leads and sales but you can be more selective of whom YOU want to work with.

You must craft your ThoughtLeader® Methodology, communicate it to the world with valuable content across all media platforms, and become the King or Queen of that small universe.