A business with a Facebook page has the following advantages over its competitors who do not:

  • Accessibility: When a search for the business is conducted on Facebook, the business and its products or services can easily be found.
  • Connectivity: Customers can engage in conversations with the page’s administrators. They can also like, review, read other’s posts, and share the pages’ contents .
  • Timeliness: A Facebook business page can reach large groups of people in a timely manner.
  • Insight: The analytic features of Facebook can provide a deeper understanding of customers and can serve as a basis for developing further marketing strategies.

Upon setting up a Facebook business page, the owner can request a custom URL, such as: www.facebook.com/thecompanyname This address can easily be placed on a business card. This simple address can also be included on the business’ website, brochures, newsletters, and in other printed marketing tools.

Keep in mind that a Facebook business page is an extension of your business. The page provides an easy way for the business and their customers to share updates with large numbers of other people. It can readily promote a business and engage clients on both desktop and mobile platforms.

If you are considering connecting with your clients via Facebook, you may want to ask the following kinds of questions:

  • What are the common elements shared by my businesses ideal customers?
  • What is the age and location of customers and potential customers?
  • What can my business offer them?
  • Would any specific groups of people be more interested in:
  • a sale of certain products
  • a timely offer of services
  • receiving messages from my business?

To broaden their audience, a business owner can encourage customers and friends to like their page. These people are the most likely to see the business’ posts on their Facebook News Feed.

Facebook offers a Build Audience feature allowing the business owner to expand their audience for a nominal fee. This feature lets you:

  • Invite Friends: Their likes and support will increase the page’s audience and help establish credibility.
  • Share the Page: Make sure that you like your own business page.
  • Invite Business Contacts: Use your existing email contact list to notify people about your new Facebook business page.

Having a Facebook business page is not all about the number of likes it receives, but about connecting with people as potential clients and business leads. When you really connect with people and they come to appreciate the product or service you are offering, they’ll take care of promoting your business and your story.