Nick Nanton, Esq., Orlando Music Lawyer, has recently been named as legal counsel for independent record label, Fuel Records, co-founded by Grammy® winning producer RockWilder and business mastermind, Dave Drazen.

Orlando, Fla. – November 21, 2008– Nick Nanton, Esq., Orlando based music lawyer, was recently tapped as chief legal counsel for independent record label, Fuel Records.  Fuel Records was co-founded by business mastermind Dave Drazen and two-time Grammy® award winning producer, RockWilder.  Fuel Records is an independent record label that is distributed via Warner Music Group | ADA.  The label has offices in Orlando, Fla., New York City and Los Angeles.

RockWilder has worked with a virtual “who’s who” list of artists across the pop music spectrum including Jay-Z’s “Do It Again” (1999), Busta Rhymes and Erykah Badu’s “One” (1998), Xzibit’s Front 2 Back (2000), and De La Soul’s “I.C. Y’all” (2000). He also went on to work with Janet Jackson (several album tracks on All for You) and Destiny’s Child (the “Rockwilder Remix” of “Bootylicious” as well as “If” and “Free” from Destiny Fulfilled), and was the co-producer, with Missy Elliott, of the 2001 Christina Aguilera/Lil’ Kim/Mya/Pink cover of Labelle’s “Lady Marmalade” for the film Moulin Rouge! for which he received a Grammy Award. He also produced the song “Dirrty” for Aguilera featuring Redman using the original beat he produced for Redman’s song “Let’s Get Dirty (I Can’t Get in da Club)”. In the ’00s, Rockwilder produced several tracks on Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ Supernova (2001). The songs include “Hot” and “Rags 2 Riches”. Later in 2003, he made the collaboration between couple Kelis and Nas, “In Public”, being released from Kelis’ Tasty.

Nick Nanton, Esq. said, “I am thrilled to be working with Dave and RockWilder at Fuel Records.  Music has led me down many exciting paths throughout the years, and there is no doubt that this is going to be a very exciting journey.  I am excited to work with such respected and prolific players in the music industry.  RockWilder has been a pioneer in his field and his success shows that and with Dave’s business mind, you have an unstoppable combination.  I have no doubt that Fuel Records will be a major force in the music industry, and I’m excited to be a part of that history.”

Dave Drazen, CEO of Fuel Records stated, “ Mr. Nanton’s knowledge of the music industry coupled with his strong law and business skills is a great fit for fuel records.”  Drazen further stated, “Mr. Nanton is a very accomplished professional who has an excellent reputation in this industry and we look forward to working with him as he helps to guide our Label and Fuel’s artists.”

About Nick Nanton, Esq.:

Nick Nanton, Esq. is a music attorney with more than a decade of experience in the entertainment industry. He is an award-winning songwriter and producer, and spent much of his career as an artist manager. Nanton has been a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences since 2001 and casts a vote on the Annual GRAMMY® Awards. Nanton is the managing partner of the law firm Dicks & Nanton, PA. For more information about Nanton visit or

About Fuel Records:

Orlando, Florida based Fuel Records has offices in NYC and Los Angeles. Co-Founded by Grammy winning producer RockWilder, we are an independent record label that is distributed via Warner Music Group | ADA and Embraces all genres of music offering the artist and producer creative freedom in order to maximize their ability to write and record music. Fuel also focuses on identifying market trends within the music industry and specifically recognizes the musician’s need to compete in the digital age, Fuel utilizes cutting edge 3D viral marketing campaigns and digital album cards distributed to big box retailers along with traditional distribution of CD’s, marketing, radio promotion, internet retail distribution, including iTunes and tour support.

Fuel provides high-octane music from high-octane artists. 

Fuel Records also operates an action sports music division of our label. Top athletes from around the world in action sports come into the studio to help write and co-produce their own music, which inspires them to perform in their sport. This is accomplished in the best studios and alongside 2x Grammy winning producer Rockwilder. The music from the athlete is then offered for purchase. Many Athletes use the song to help promote themselves, their sport, their sponsors and their favorite charities. Digital album cards are also used by the athlete to attach to apparel or other athlete endorsed products and offered at venues where they perform, online retailers and in stores. Fuel is building an impressive track record completing projects with over 30 different athletes ranging from the UFC to Skateboarding and many other types of action sports and the number keeps growing. Fuel provides high-octane music for high-octane athletes.