Alison Vaughn is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and speaker who focuses on professionalism, leadership, and the skill of etiquette. She is the founder of Jackets for Jobs, Inc. and has been seen in major publications such as Fortune and Entrepreneur Magazine.




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The 6 feet hug—How to hug from a distance

November 23 2020

By Alison Vaughn The coronavirus positive case numbers are rising exponentially which is making it hard for people to socialize and embrace each other.  The hugs, handshakes and high-fives are…
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What is Business Etiquette?

November 17 2020

By Alison Vaughn  A business place requires you to present yourself in a complacent manner, known as business etiquette. There are plenty of business etiquette skills to facilitate a respectful…
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Rules of Etiquette

November 10 2020

By Alison Vaughn The rules of etiquette are changing but some things never change or go out of style. If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or…
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If You Are The Smartest Person In The Room, You Are In The Wrong Room

October 20 2020

By Alison Vaughn ‘Smart,’ is a word that everyone likes to hear about themselves. It is because it conjures an intelligent person’s image. However, a smart person necessarily does not…
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