By introducing the question “Why” into his life, Ayo Olaseinde has been able to achieve tremendous success both professionally and personally. Today, he is a successful businessman who built an organization that turned over 40 million pounds before he semi-retired.

He was then headhunted to join SaladMaster where he leads the team today as President.

Ayo shares his story in hopes of inspiring others to realize that anybody can achieve success if they are prepared to do the things that successful people do.

You must start believing in yourself and asking the question: ‘Why Not You?’



The Truth About Success – Episode 2 (Feat: Nick Nanton)

In the second installment of The Truth About Success, Ayo Olaseinde welcomes 22 time Emmy® Award Winning Director and Producer, Nick Nanton, to discuss his truths about success. Listen as Nick shares his personal and professional journey to becoming an extremely well-recognized icon in media. Day-to-day, Nick produces media and has branded content for top thought leaders and media personalities around the world. Additionally, he has authored more than two dozen Best-Selling books (including the Wall Street Journal Bestseller - StorySelling™) and produced and directed more than 40 documentaries, earning 22 Emmy wins and 43 nominations. So sit back, relax, and enjoy a thought-provoking discussion surrounding Nick's interpretation of success and what it means to achieve it.


The Truth About Success – Episode 1

In the inaugural episode of The Truth About Success, we take a deep dive into the personal and professional growth of Ayo Olaseinde, President of Saladmaster. Bringing decades of business experience, as well as a rags-to-riches story, Ayo shares his personal and professional journey from the streets to the board room. Throughout his journey, Ayo was forced to look inward and push himself to achieve more than what he thought was possible. In addition to sharing personal truths about his own success, Ayo highlights the goal of the show moving forward. With each new episode, Ayo will welcome on a new guest, who brings their own wealth of experience, to discuss their journeys and truths about their own level of success. So sit back, relax, and enjoy an enlightening conversation surrounding Ayo's own truth about success!



April 16 2021

On a recent episode of The Truth About Success podcast, I sat down with producer, director, and author Nick Nanton. Nick has authored more than two dozen best-selling books, including the Wall Street Journal bestseller Story Selling. He has produced and directed more than 60 documentaries, earning h [...]
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April 2 2021

Today, there are half a billion entrepreneurs in the world. Many of these workers are struggling to make money or expand their businesses. New entrepreneurs often ask me about the key to success. The truth is, success isn’t a straight line. It isn’t a single door that the right key can’t ope [...]
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January 23 2021

Direct Selling Today Listen on Apple Podcasts  AYO OLASEINDE, the President of Saldmaster in the UK, talks with The DSA on our Direct Selling Today Podcast, to share the story of Saladmaster and their unique cooking system, as well as his opinion on how direct selling can help people to take [...]
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November 19 2020

Our weekly compilation of notable hirings and promotions at Dallas-Fort Worth companies. ATX NETWORKS named Jeff Liening senior vice president of North America sales and Kim Lee executive vice president of marketing. CANTEY HANGER LLP named Machir Stull partner. CAPSTAR REAL ESTATE ADVISORS [...]
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