For more than seven years I dabbled in Facebook, but the last three years I delved into maximizing all Facebook offers. Facebook understands how important the functionally it offers is to business.  Because of that, Facebook has spent a lot of resources building the next generation of business services available.

In this issue, I want to talk about video. Video displays motion, which catches audience’s attention and brings a marketing message to life. Also, while written content may only be delivered organically to less than 1{cd266c1509fca34f59dc93da7daf12a6ee52c6401aabb2126e757d9de7c223fc} of the people who like my page, Facebook delivers video content to upwards of 30{cd266c1509fca34f59dc93da7daf12a6ee52c6401aabb2126e757d9de7c223fc}. That creates far greater follower engagement and fosters more business sales and growth.

What type of things do I recommend for videos? Anything! But, remember people buy people. So, you or another company representative should star in it. Make sure the videos are less than 30 seconds long, and the first three seconds of the video are especially engaging. It’s best if you avoid putting text in the beginning of the video, but after that you can include your URL or call to action. However, you may want to consider using the closed caption feature. Videos on Facebook autoplay without sound, and the majority of users don’t change the setting. Facebook reports that captioning a video increases average view time by 12{cd266c1509fca34f59dc93da7daf12a6ee52c6401aabb2126e757d9de7c223fc}.

With today’s smart phones video quality has skyrocketed. Most newer phones have a great camera and mic.  However, the native video app is not necessarily the best out there.  I use a downloaded app that makes a tremendous difference, nearly as good as shooting with a high-end digital camera. You will also want a tripod (for stability) and maybe a high-end sound quality option.  There are many add-ons for your smart phone that can increase the sound quality, including lavaliere mics. There are add-ons for lights as well.  The most important thing you can do is have good lighting.  Find a place you can carve out for video purposes and add some lights to the setting.

Now that you have the equipment, you just need to turn it on! I always tell my clients, “Just be yourself.”  Shoot some video content that is relevant to your customers or prospects.  It’s even okay to shoot a selfie video on the spot. I find those actually work better than some of the planned and produced videos. Basically, the sky’s the limit, and so is the engagement with potential customers. Especially if you hit a home run and score a video that “goes viral,” thereby providing your business with a huge amount of free publicity. I look forward to sharing the next great Facebook marketing strategy with you.

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James Dicks

James Dicks has spent 25+ years building business through marketing practices and real-world application. A McGraw-Hill international best-selling author®, he has been seen on major affiliates around the country including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CNBC. James’ specializes in “out-of-the-box” thinking to successfully integrate the latest technology with business sales and marketing goals. To improve your lead generation using Facebook Advertising connect with James via