Video is one of those things you must do in order to move your business forward.  According to a DMN3 Study, Gen-X and Baby Boomers spend up to two hours per week watching online TV and video. 43{cd266c1509fca34f59dc93da7daf12a6ee52c6401aabb2126e757d9de7c223fc} of boomers watch a video on YouTube daily. Nearly half (48.7{cd266c1509fca34f59dc93da7daf12a6ee52c6401aabb2126e757d9de7c223fc}) are watching videos to get information. If you are not filming a regular online TV show, you can’t be found and you can’t help someone who needs it.

But what do you say and how can you always have something new to talk about? That’s a question we had to answer ourselves. My online TV Show, The Ambitious Life has just crossed the 50-episode mark. Then there’s the hundreds of promotional videos, the reality show, Ambitious Adventures, and the 60+ Ambitious Live courses we’ve created.

As we began crafting original TV Shows for our clients, we started to reverse engineer how we always had something to say. We also wanted to make it so our clients didn’t feel the pressure to be perfect, but were instead being the best version of themselves while genuinely helping viewers. In doing this we discovered that they all followed a simple formula. You might think this formula is too simple or easy to follow. Good. Don’t mess with it. Follow the framework I’ve laid out for you (or let me do all the hard work for you).

The Secret 5-Step Formula To Create Client Getting Videos In 5 Minutes Or Less:

Step 1: Introduce Yourself. 

This first step is foolproof. If you get this wrong, we are in big trouble. Introduce yourself.

“Hi I’m X from Y.”  All you need to do is replace X with your name and Y with your business name.

“Hi, I’m Greg Rollett from”

Got it? Good. Let’s move on.

Step 2: What’s This Video All About

In Step 2 you are addressing the audience by telling them what this video is all about and why they should watch it. The framework looks like this,

“In this video I’m going to talk to you about X, because Y.”  Replace X with the topic of the video and Y with the reason why they need to hear about X right now.

In my case it might look something like this, “In this video I’m going to teach you a simple 5 step system to quickly create videos because I believe most experts want to create videos but don’t know what to say.”

When thinking about what to film the video about, start by going through all your products and services. If you are a dentist, this might be topics like Invisalign, Veneers or Cavities. Then you give a reason why you are talking about that topic.  Write out at least 5 video ideas and reasons why your market needs to see it right now. Then and only then, move onto Step 3.

Step 3: The Story Hook

In step 3 you are going to do the bulk of the heavy lifting in your video, but I’ve made it easy for you. You are simply going to share a story, case study or example that talks to the main point of your video.

Stories are what bond us together. You want to pull your prospects and audience in with a great story that relates to the topic they are interested in. We are just looking to tell a story that helps us to make our point and do it in 2-3 minutes (not 20 minutes).

In my example, the story might sound like this, “I want to tell you a story about a financial advisor out of Surprise, AZ. He has a great practice but really wanted to get to the next level and help even more people. I told him to think about creating an online TV Show. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to be in front of the camera and if he had enough to say. I shared with him this simple 5-step video formula and started brainstorming some ideas with him right on the phone. In about 5 minutes we had a dozen ideas and he was hooked. Two weeks later he was in the studio and just last month we launched his new online TV Show, The Joe Gleason Show, which has been seen by 1,000s of people all over Surprise.”

That’s it. Quick story that makes your point. Once you have a story idea for each of the 5 topic ideas, let’s move onto Step 4.

Step 4: Relate It Back To The Audience

It’s time to give your audience some genuine help and tips.

Give them one thing (not 100 things) to do right now to get the result they desire. This is not a pitch for your service. This is genuinely telling them what to do. It is getting them one step closer to solving their problem (or whatever end result your product or service delivers).

I might do this by saying, “If you’re like Joe and want to take your business to the next level, I want you to go out and shoot a video today. Introduce yourself. Tell the viewer what this video is about and why they should watch. Tell a story that relates to your video’s point, then actually help them. Give them one tip to get the result they desire. Finally, tell the viewer how to get started working with you. Use these 5-steps and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the reactions you get.

Simple, right? It tells them what to do, but not necessarily how to do it (that’s why they hire you).

Ok, write down one tip you are going to share with your video topic ideas, then on to Step 5.

Step 5: The Call To Action

No video is complete without telling the viewer how they can become a client. We do this with a simple transition after we genuinely help them.

It looks like this, “Hey, if you liked this video and want to learn more, do this.” Naturally, replace “do this” with what you want the viewer to do. That can be going to a landing page to download a free report or to call the office for a free consultation. That’s it. Don’t draw it out, just tell them how you can help them take that next step.

Follow this 5-step system and go out to film your next video. I’d love to see it. Send a link for me to check out by emailing [email protected]. You can also email me to see how we can help you film the entire first season of your TV Show in just 1-day. Stay ambitious!