At this point in life, I’m sure everyone has heard that there are two separate sides of the brain – the right and the left. The right side is more artistic, where the left side is more logic based. Michael Gazzaniga from UC Santa Barbara studied the relationship between the right and left side of the brain extensively and in turn, discovered some really cool, if not disturbing facts about our brains:


  1. The left side of the brain can operate without the right side, and without losing any IQ – Check back later for my screenplay about this being the cause for the smartest zombies ever.
  2.  Information processed through the right side of the brain will be sent to the left side of the brain for an explanation.


So while you might think that to form a relative statement the right side of the brain would fabricate a solution, this actually means that the left side of our brains is the one who pieces together the puzzles that we face throughout life in the most logical way that it possibly can.


If we think about mankind before we made some huge scientific advances, it’s easy to understand how different cultures would interpret natural disasters as a slew of deities punishing them for their wrongdoings or even create stories and legends to answer the everyday questions like, “Why there are stars in the sky?” or “Why is the sky blue?”


We do things like this everyday. We just call them assumptions.


The assumptions we make in our lives help us connect the dots, whether it’s making educated guesses to explaining why the guy in the SUV in front of us just doesn’t know how to merge.


Your brain is addicted to putting the pieces together. That’s why murder mysteries, or TV shows that leave weekly cliffhangers are so tantalizing. Hell, that’s why we binge watch shows on Netflix. We just can’t get enough; it’s our own personal drug in the form of Scandal. We want it. We NEED it.


Today, companies don’t just use commercials or spokespeople as a way of StorySelling anymore, it’s also through product placement in your favorite show. Through these stories we trust the company, because these people advocating for that product personify it. It’s no longer a sales pitch, it’s a relationship between you and the person in the TV. It’s how we connect the dots between the before and the after, because if this product works for them, then it will sure as hell work for you.


As an advocate for your product or service or even yourself, it’s your job to StorySell. It’s the difference between being memorable or just another person after another dollar. And yes, in the end, you may be after another dollar, but with the power of StorySelling, your potential customers, investors, or even your inlaws will trust you. However, you must be not only telling the right story that leaves them wanting more but one that has them convinced that you’ll actually deliver. And then of course, which should be obvious, you actually have to deliver.


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