Debunking Decline – Episode 3 (The Covid-19 Vaccines)

In the third installment of Debunking Decline, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden dives into the most pressing medical topic of today: the Covid-19 vaccines. Given an overwhelming amount of misinformation leading to opinions, some right and some wrong, Dr. Gladden sheds some light on this complex process. In addition to describing how the vaccine physically fights the virus within our bodies, Dr. Gladden explores the different types of Covid-19 vaccines that are on the market and who should be seeking them out most of all. Tune in and allow Dr. Gladden to provide some peace of mind and clear understanding when it comes to the various Covid-19 vaccines on the market.


Debunking Decline – Episode 2 (Covid Prevention Strategies)

The Covid-19 Pandemic has swept across our nation, leaving millions of Americans with feelings of stress and anxiety. Given the nature of the virus, it can often be difficult to detect and easy to spread. Despite new vaccines being on the horizon, many people are wondering if there are actions they can take now to minimize their risk of contracting this deadly virus. In the second installment of Debunking Decline, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden is joined by a colleague, Dr. Ernesto Navarro, to analyze prevention strategies surrounding the infamous covid-19 virus. Listen as the two medical professionals dive deep into numerous vitamins and supplements capable of strengthening your body's immune system and response time.



Understanding COVID-19 Vaccines

February 22 2021

By Dr. Jeffrey Gladden As the global pandemic rages on, my patients are anxious to learn more about COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines offer hope for economic recovery and a return to…
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HEART HEALTH MONTH TOPIC: The Power of an Optimistic Mindset

February 15 2021

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February 8 2021

By. Dr. Jeffrey Gladden When patients arrive in my office, they're often struggling with a reduced quality of life. They might feel tired, run-down, or depressed. Unfortunately, previous doctors usually…
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Mindset Over Matter: The Key to Optimal Performance and Happiness

January 21 2021

By: Dr. Jeffrey Gladden Whether you think you can or think you can’t — you’re right. How many times have you heard that famous Henry Ford quote? Have you pondered…
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